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“FOKUS gute Lehre”: Focus on Good Teaching Practices for Teaching Professionals in Higher Education

“FOKUS gute Lehre” events are aimed at conveying key elements of good teaching practice, and provide a solid introduction to the fundamentals of teaching and learning at an institution of higher education. They provide an impetus for activity-oriented and learning-centred higher education teaching. Interactive teaching methods are tried out and applied to your own teaching environment. Newly created teaching concepts are discussed and reflected upon during collegial consultations and supervisions, and developed further.

As our target audience has a variety of different requirements, “FOKUS gute Lehre” is open to professors, assistant academic staff, as well as mixed groups, where appropriate.

FOKUS events are characterised by a variety of teaching formats:

Workshops: 2 x 2 days (+ 1 additional day for professors)
The main focus here is to learn in groups, where theoretical impulses, teamwork, transfer and reflective exercises are alternated with each other.

Collegial consultations (2 to 3 scheduled consultations, comprising 4 work units each)
You will meet two to three times to discuss current themes and learn to apply the collegial consultation method to situations you have encountered yourself. These consultations are moderated by docents, and are treated with utmost confidentiality by all involved.

Supervision by higher education experts
Experts sit in on a teaching event and provide constructive feedback. Supervision is preceded by a review, where you present the concept for your seminar/ workshop/ lecture to the experts. You also have the option to be filmed while you are teaching.

Peer supervision
You observe and peer review each other’s seminars/ workshops/ lectures. Carefully structured observation and feedback forms provide valuable insights into your own teaching practices, and enable you to evaluate your performance from your colleagues’ point of view.

Teaching Portfolio
You are requested to answer a range of questions, and review personal learning processes gained during the FOKUS programme. These insights form the basis for documenting your own teaching portfolio, which is further developed by participating in subsequent workshops and practicing what you have learnt.

Qualifying for the Berlin Certificate for Higher Education
Full attendance of all workshop days, all collegial consultations as well as a peer supervisions is mandatory for acquiring Module 1 of the Certificate Programme. Other options can be discussed with the programme director on a case-by-case basis. Basic modules provided by cooperating institutions of higher education are recognised, as long as the content and number of hours are commensurate with the relevant courses provided by the BZHL.

It is possible to participate in FOKUS events without being enrolled in the certificate programme

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